Christine Doherty



Sea and semi-abstract landscape artist. Seeking to capture the elusive colours of skies and moving water. Painting in oils and acrylics, sometimes with the exclusive use of the palette knife to add texture and motion to the finished product.

Painting is my passion. Rolling hills and deep seas are compelling and I love the total absorption that representing these scenes demands. I hope that you enjoy the results as much as I do producing them.

About Me

I am a painter, concentrating on land and seascapes. I work in oils and acrylics mainly using a palette knife which helps to convey movement in a painting. I like to use strong, vibrant colours. I am often working ‘en plein air’ and this can be very challenging – especially when perched on a blustery Cornish cliff top – but also exciting in terms of the results.

Though self-taught and late arriving at a place in life where I can focus creatively, I have made it my business to seek out opportunities to learn from more established artists. I would have loved to have gone to art school, but I came from a background where art was at best, for fun — not a proper job. My influences are, in the main, contemporary artists such as Anthony Garratt (, an artist and tutor with the Newlyn School of Art, and seascape artists Janette Kerr ( and Louise Balaam ( These are artists who continue to inspire me and I enjoy the passion each of them brings to their work, all very different but equally free in their application of paint. It’s great to be in touch with such a vibrant art culture and I am loving it.

2018 Exhibitions: March AMA (Associated Midland Artists) Spring Exhibition / June Warwickshire & Coventry Open Studios (WOS) / August Art in the Park, Jephson Gardens Annual Art Exhibition / October LSA (Leamington Studio Artists) Journeys in the Wasteland at East Lodge, Jephson Gardens, Leamington Spa.